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Document Destruction

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial when it comes to document disposal! Whether personal or business-related, ensuring that any document containing sensitive and confidential information is safeguarded at any time is essential. With the increase in concerns over identity theft and corporate compliance, we assist our clients in meeting legislative and corporate information privacy requirements by integrating easy and secure document destruction processes into their business operations.

Shred Your Documents & Stay Secure!

As documents accumulate over time, it becomes essential to decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard. DOCUREDI simplifies the decision-making process for document shredding services - a secure solution to protect sensitive information that presents multiple benefits for your company.

  • Avoids identity theft
  • Protects customers and employees
  • Ensures compliance with legal regulations
  • Frees up storage space

On-site Mobile Shredding

Our on-site shredding services reduce the risks of data breaches and identity theft by ensuring all confidential materials are securely destroyed on your premises by our security-trained personnel, shredding what would usually take you hours to complete in a matter of seconds with our secure and effective shredding trucks. As many companies prefer to see the result of their shredding materials, we give you the ability to witness firsthand our shredding service and provide an auditable Certificate of destruction after every shredding for your records. 

Offsite and Drop-off Shredding

DOCUREDI offers a drop-off and offsite shredding service for individuals or businesses that have a smaller quantity of documents as it might be an easier and more cost-effective solution. With our off-site services, we provide you with secure locked console bins where you can store your sensitive documents, we provide secure console bins that are exchanged by one of our uniformed staff members as required. While in transit you can rest assured that your bins remain secure and locked until they reach our shredding facilities. Once all material has been shredded, we will mail you a certificate of destruction to ensure privacy compliance. 

What Documents You Need to Shred

Some examples of documents that should be shredded instead of thrown in the trash: 

  • Business information: Account records, audits, client lists, employment applications, internal memos, client data and more. 
  • Personal information: Home addresses, ATM receipts, debit card numbers, paycheck stubs, medical and dental records, resumes, tax forms, used airline tickets, and more. 

Want to learn more about our document shredding service?

Fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you to explain how our shredding process works.

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