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Yes. We get this question often. So long as we can identify the desired target directory from the source documents,  we can place the scanned files in the correct folder.

We provide strict logging in our chain of custody process. This begins the moment we pick up your paper, and carries through the entire scanning process until the delivery of your images. Should you choose to have your original files shredded, we offer a detailed certificate of destruction.

Absolutely. We generally produce multi-page, searchable pdf files that can accommodate black & white, grayscale or color pages as needed.

A professional document shredding service specializes in securely destroying confidential and sensitive information that is no longer needed. This is particularly important for businesses that handle sensitive information such as financial records, personal information, or proprietary data.

The primary goal of a professional document shredding service is to ensure that confidential information is destroyed in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.Providing a certificate of destruction after shredding is done to the client, which serves as proof that the documents were securely destroyed. This certificate can be used as proof in case of any legal or regulatory requirements.

Securely disposing of personal or business documents through shredding is an appropriate course of action to take since such documents often contain sensitive information. If you are a business owner, you may also have a legal and ethical obligation to your customers, employees, and partners to ensure that document disposal is done in a secure manner.

Information management is the process of organizing, storing, retrieving, and using information effectively and efficiently.

An effective information management system can improve your business's efficiency by enabling quick access to information and reducing the time spent searching for data. This can result in increased productivity and cost savings. It also helps to ensure that sensitive information is protected and secure.

Yes! We have the specialized knowledge and technology to securely wipe multiple hard drives and storage arrays. Our wiping procedure guarantees that the data on your devices will be completely erased with 1’s and 0’s. Once the process is complete, you can feel confident reusing or reselling the asset, knowing that it still functions properly and adds value.

We know that in-house shredding can be a time-consuming process that steals the focus of your employees from core business activities. Not to mention, the potential for error or breaching confidentiality if decisions about shredding are left to staff. That's why we are confident that our on-site shredding is the best way to go.

You can rest assured that documents will be shredded safely and securely. After your documents are shredded we provide you with a certificate of destruction and the shredded paper will be baled and recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

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