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Due to the growing regulations and laws on data protection and privacy, professional shredding services have become increasingly essential and in demand for industries dealing with sensitive information. DOCUREDI provides a secure and cost-effective shredding solution for industries looking to protect their sensitive data and remain legally compliant with state and federal laws.


DOCUREDI confidently provides top-notch document destruction and data protection services to government agencies at all levels - local, state, and federal. We understand that government professionals are bound by some of the most rigorous privacy regulations, which is why we offer security and reliability in disposing of even the most sensitive and confidential documents. Our shredding solutions are not only highly effective but also cost-effective, tailored to meet the unique needs and budget of any government agency. We strictly adhere to the highest standards to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of your information.

We are proud to serve as a Government Approved Shredding Service for handling government classified and confidential files. See below a few clients we have and/or still providing Government Information Security for:

  • Program manager/agency heads
  • Chief information officers (CIO)
  • Information system owner
  • Information owner/steward
  • System Security Manager/Officer
  • Property Management Officer
  • Records Management Officer
  • Privacy Officer
  • Senior Agency Information Security Officer (SAISO)
  • Privacy Officer
  • Freedom of Information Act Officer (FOIA) Officer
  • Users

If you have a role in any of the above capacities contact Docuredi so we can help your company meet compliance guidelines.

Public Institutions

Public institutions often handle sensitive and confidential information that must be destroyed securely. To adhere to both state and federal laws, as well as industry standards, it is necessary to fulfill a variety of regulations, including standards mandated by the IRS, state-specific directives, HIPAA, FACTA, and other related privacy laws. Utilizing our shredding services can help reduce security breaches and legal issues that may arise from the mishandling of confidential information

Legal Institutions

Complying with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) demands the destruction and shredding of legal record documents in order to protect your client's sensitive information and retain their trust in you. As such, it's crucial for your company to partner with a trustworthy legal record shredding company. At DOCUREDI, we recognize the significance of adhering to current federal privacy laws, and therefore, we provide certified shredding services to securely and properly destroy various legal documents, including court records, legal invoices, client files, and more.


Healthcare providers hold extremely confidential and sensitive information concerning their patients. Prior to disposal, protected medical information must be appropriately destroyed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a result, healthcare organizations and providers are required by law to safeguard such information and securely dispose of any outdated files, medical charts, and patient records, as well as old scrubs and lab coats. Our services assist in ensuring that your medical materials are securely and professionally destroyed.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions are known to handle very valuable information about individuals and organizations, while also generating numerous pages of financial records that require protection from unauthorized access. Properly disposing of these financial records is crucial, at DOCUREDI we take the necessary precautions to guarantee that all your financial records pertaining to your business and clients are secure and destroyed. This process not only protects your clients but also helps you remain compliant with certain federal and state regulations that mandate the destruction of documents containing sensitive customer information.

Real Estate

Real Estate agencies are entrusted with managing a large volume of confidential and sensitive information, that can take up a significant amount of physical space, leading to a cluttered office environment. As such, it is crucial for your business to prioritize document security and proper disposal of documents such as client records, contracts, and financial statements. in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your clients. Here at DOCUREDI, we provide a valuable solution for Real Estate agencies looking to securely dispose of their confidential documents. By utilizing our services, you can experience a greater sense of organization and tranquillity, knowing that your documents have been securely destroyed.

Business Enterprise

At DOCUREDI we offer a reliable, secure, and affordable solution for small businesses to properly dispose of their sensitive documents in a secure manner. Every business must adhere to industry standards and take responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of clients' information. By utilizing our shredding services, you can rest assured that confidential information is protected and that your business complies with federal and state regulations. Our method is both highly secure and convenient, offering an environmentally friendly solution that helps minimize the risk of potential security breaches while safeguarding your company.


Accountants are responsible for managing financial records as well as ensuring that sensitive information is kept confidential and secure. They also must ensure that they comply with the many laws and regulations they have in regard to document destruction or storing important records. By incorporating professional certified shredding services like DOCUREDI we can guarantee you are compliant, we can also help prevent identity theft, fraud, and other forms of financial crime by destroying documents containing personal or financial information.

Insurance Industry

Insurance companies have the responsibility to ensure that they are being compliant with state and federal legislation as well as industry standards in order to protect the sensitive and confidential information that they handle on a day-to-day basis. DOCUREDI has the expertise and knowledge to help securely dispose of your company’s documents and keep compliant with the expectations set by industry standard-setting organizations that deal with consumer data privacy laws.  

Retail Sectors

As a retail business, it is highly likely that your business will offer credit card payment options for your customers, subjecting you to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. These standards apply to enterprises that accept, store, process, and transmit credit card information. Apart from credit card payments the retail industry also collects a significant amount of sensitive information such as; email and home addresses, vendor records, and much more, the leaks or exposure of such confidential information could lead to either legal, financial, or loss of reputation for your business. DOCUREDI can help you stay legally compliant with our shredding services.

Energy Industry

In a rapidly expanding energy sector with constantly fluctuating revenue, technology, and customer base, safeguarding sensitive data becomes a must. The energy industry generates and stores a considerable amount of confidential and valuable information, ranging from employee records to financial documents and intellectual property. Energy companies are bound by the same laws as other industries to protect your intellectual property. To ensure the security of these materials, it's highly recommended to seek the services of a reputable and certified shredding provider such as DOCUREDI. We take pride in our commitment to the secure and reliable destruction of your materials.

Education Institutions

Educational institutions, such as Elementary schools, Universities, and Colleges must handle their confidential documents, especially those concerning their students with the utmost care. These records contain confidential information, and a security breach could have negative impact consequences for the institution. Moreover, state and federal laws such as FACTA, require educational institutions to protect the private information of their students and faculty. By using DOCUREDI shredding services you can guarantee that such data remains protected and secure, as well as establish a document destruction audit trail, thereby ensuring greater compliance with these regulations.

Hospitality Industry

Whether you're a hotel employee managing the bookings of a high-profile celebrity or an event planner handling sensitive credit card information, safeguarding confidential data is critical, as well as the need for discretion and confidentiality when dealing with their clientele. It is the responsibility of the organization to securely and properly dispose of any private or sensitive information, in order to comply with consumer privacy legislations within or outside their state, or even the country itself. DOCUREDI offers secure, reliable, and cost-effective shredding service solutions.

Automotive Industry

Protecting the privacy of customer information is significantly important for the automotive industry. Whether you run a large or small dealership and service shop, automotive businesses are entrusted with handling a vast amount of personal data, including credit card numbers, loan details, and other sensitive information. For car dealerships that offer financing or payment services, complying with the GLBA is mandatory for protecting consumer information. To adhere to federal and state privacy regulations, outsourcing to a certified and professional shredding service such as DOCUREDI can guarantee that all confidential data is securely destroyed.


To ensure compliance with current laws and regulations in the Non-Profit industry, the safeguarding of confidential information is crucial. Non-Profit organizations are responsible for handling sensitive data, including personal information and financial donor records. At DOCUREDI, we provide a shredding service to help you dispose of outdated information while adhering to industry standards and federal and state laws, as well as assisting you in meeting the requirements outlined in various acts, such as FERPA, FACTA, and IDA. We can aid you in securely and efficiently disposing of any documents that are no longer necessary in a way that is both cost-effective and time efficient manner.


The technology industry is in a constant state of development, with advancements that are continuously changing the way that society operates. Whether you have confidential information in the form of paper files, hard drives, or products, understanding the significance of data security should be your top priority, and a mobile shredding company can aid. There are various local, state, and federal laws that mandate the safeguarding of consumer and corporate data. For instance, the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 makes it illegal to steal anything that can be considered a trade secret. To ensure the best possible protection for your organization's private information, partner up with a secure and certified shredding company like DOCUREDI.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry heavily relies on proprietary patented operations and specialized product development not yet available to the public. Protecting sensitive data and maintaining clients' trust by avoiding any potential leaks of confidential information is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it is essential to store such data securely and dispose of it appropriately when no longer needed, to prevent unauthorized access or misuse. DOCUREDI can assist your business in safeguarding both internal and external security risks, ensuring that your confidential information remains secure.

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