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Hard Drive Destruction

Erasing the data stored on your hard drive isn’t so simple! Docuredi provides you with one of the most secure methods to destroy sensitive information from these devices. Shredding them into tiny and irretrievable pieces ensures that all your private emails, internal documents, financial files, images, and any other data from old hard drives are 100% protected.

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Protect Your Sensitive Data!

With the advance of technology, more businesses are migrating their document storage from physical to digital. This reflects in a high volume of data being stored in hard-drive devices. When that hard drive meets the end of its lifecycle, it’s extremely important that you keep it secure from theft, avoiding a data breach. Our hard-drive destruction services can give you the peacefulness that no one can access your information after disposal. We shred your devices with your supervision and provide a certificate of destruction when the service is complete.

The best way to destroy hard drives

DOCUREDI hard-drive destruction services are not only the most secure but the most convenient. We offer you the option of off-site shredding - when you bring your devices to one of our locations, or on-site shredding - where a mobile shredding truck goes to your door to do the service. Both ways are highly secure and compliant with privacy laws and legislation, and we allow you to watch the destruction process happening in real-time to make sure your data is securely destroyed.

Hard Drive Degaussing

We also offer Hard Drive Degaussing services as part of our destruction process. Degaussing is a demagnetizing method to erase a hard drive or tape containing confidential information and permanently prevent the hard drive from recording again.

  • Degaussers contain a controlled magnetic field that is measured in units of gauss or oersteds (Oe). 
  • All magnetic media has a magnetic property, called coercivity, which is also measured in units of oersteds (Oe). 
  • The Oersted (Oe) value tells us how easy or how difficult a piece of media is to erase. Basically, higher Oe media requires stronger degausser magnetic field ratings. 
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Request a Hard Drive Destruction Quote

The price for hard drive destruction services is based on several factors, such as the number of materials that need shredding and the type of appointment you schedule. To request a custom quote, please contact us today!

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