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Document Scanning

At DOCUREDI we offer the best solutions to help with your digital transformation! Transitioning to electronic files with our Document Scanning services is an easy and time-saving process. We work with the most advanced technology to ensure your documents are digitized with the maximum quality, ensuring that they can be easily readable, editable, and accessible to you at all times.

In today's fast-paced and digital working environments, such as remote work, many companies and organizations still heavily rely on physical paper documents as the primary source of record-keeping. This can ultimately lead to unnecessary paper clutter, decreased productivity, and security threats. Digitizing your paper documents offers numerous benefits for your business, such as:

  • Better use of your office space
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • File searching takes less time
  • It is more secure
  • Meets data protection laws
  • Easy to share and retrieve

Our scanning solutions


Paper Scanning

At DOCUREDI our paper scanning services help you digitize and upload various sizes of papers, whether it be legal paper, invoices, checks, forms, or your regular standard paper, to a content management system for simple storage and retrieval.   


Archive Scanning

Opting to digitize months, years, or even decades' worth of documents can be a hefty financial decision. DOCUREDI assists you in organizing and determining which documents you should scan based on their content sensitivity, value, necessity, and other factors. Scanning your old documents can provide you with easy accessibility and searchability in a digital environment.


Large-format Scanning

Our scanners are designed for handling large-format scanning and are capable of converting big-scale items such as; blueprints, construction plans, maps, posters, and even artwork into digital files that can be easily managed, examined, and distributed.

Begin your digital transformation today!

Discover how we can customize our document scanning solutions to your business needs.

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