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Electronic Waste Recycling

At DOCUREDI we practice environmentally friendly techniques when it comes to properly disposing of all electronics and IT devices. We ensure that all materials are recycled rather than being disposed of at a landfill or junkyard. Additionally, at DOCUREDI we prioritize protecting the environment and hope to contribute to the bettering of the environment every day, while also safeguarding information security.

What should I do with old electronic devices?

Due to the chemical components, it is crucial to recycle old electronic devices instead of throwing them away. Computer components are often not biodegradable, and the chemicals present in these devices can have the potential to leak into the environment, posing a threat to individuals and the surroundings. Therefore, choosing a reputable and environmentally conscious E-Recycling partner like DOCUREDI can help protect the environment while properly disposing of electronic devices. The Environmental Protection Agency has now begun to recognize E-waste as a priority, considering that many of these electronic devices are improperly disposed of, leading to detrimental impacts on the environment.

DOCUREDI aims to be eco-friendly and strives to provide the best possible service to its customers. We offer a "Certificate of Destruction" and "Continuity of Ownership" for any device to ensure that customers receive quality assistance with their electronics recycling. We collaborate with a recycling partner that holds both R2 certification - which recognizes industries that comply with the proper disposal of electronic waste management, and ISO certification - given to companies that focus on the quality of the service they provide to their customers.

Contact us to recycle your electronic devices!

DOCUREDI can help you securely get rid of defective or outdated electronics by keeping your information and the environment protected.

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