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Information Management

DOCUREDI provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for all their document management requirements. Our information management systems and software are designed to offer personalized access, automated workflows, and tailored document version control. Additionally, our systems maintain a complete audit trail and generate reports to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

At DOCUREDI we understand that an Information management system can vary based on each company's unique daily operations, size, and security requirements. As part of our customized document management system, we offer organizations optical character recognition (OCR) scanning, Smart Search software, and integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP). By using the latest software technologies, we identify the optimal solution that best aligns with your requirements and adheres to security standards to safeguard your data and maintain its confidentiality.

Document management software allows your business to:



DOCUREDI uses the process of Automated Extraction by using an OCR software that captures a document's data automatically, this cutting-edge data extraction software fixes paper displacement during the scanning and digitization procedure and provides users with confidence-based reports to ensure that the extracted data from their papers and documents are of high quality. Digitizing all your physical documents into your preferred electronic file format and indexing each document for easy retrieval when needed.    



After digitizing your documents, our SmartSearch software enables you to easily retrieve any indexed document within seconds by either its file name or content, saving you precious time. We guarantee the highest quality of your PDF and other files through our rigorous quality control procedures, ensuring that your system is completely searchable once set up.



keep track of who possesses which document, contract, or file. DOCUREDI uses the latest advancements to facilitate employees situated in different locations to effortlessly and securely distribute files throughout the company, with clients and partners, without the worry of misplacing any documents. Implementing an Information management system into your business, allows you to stay organized and secure.

It's time to go digital!

Speak with a DOCUREDI technician and learn more about our information management solutions.

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